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We recommend staying in Levico Terme, TN, since there are several locations that were recommended to us for your stay at our wedding, and it's only about 15 minutes from the castle! Most of these places you would need to contact directly, as their availability is not always up to date on pages like, or even on their own websites. If you have trouble finding a place to stay, please let us know and we'll help you find one!

We hope you enjoy your stay!! 


There will be a free shuttle service from Levico Terme to Castel Ivano that can pick you up at your hotel around 11:30, August 3rd. It leaves from the Castle around 23:15 and will drop you back off at your hotel. 

If you are interested in using the free shuttle service, please sign up with your phone number, email, and number of people in your party under this link: 

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